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How to Master an Email Marketing Campaign

Adam Stokes offers his top tips for creating email marketing campaigns that grab attention while also meeting legislative and technical standards. Email marketing is a tricky thing. If you’re interrupting anyone from their day to day activities, especially to try and sell them something, it has to be meaningful enough to grip their attention. Too…

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Low CTRs Pose Biggest Challenge to Email Marketing

We’ve come a long way since the birth of email marketing. But marketers are still facing the same old challenges – namely, getting people to actually click on the interesting, enticing links in their emails. A recent Ascend2 study, reported by eMarketer, reveals that low click-through rates (CTRs) are considered by far the biggest challenge […]

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Internet marketing: Social shouts, waves arms about, email still wins

In Internet years, email is ancient. As such, social networking could be compared to a proud-but-slightly-stroppy teenager eager to get noticed. And whilst this young upstart may have kept the fires of industry blogs burning for a good few years, it seems that email’s simple but steady approach still wins out. Despite being four decades…

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E-mail Marketing

I have just read a piece in our local business newspaper, written by a so-called online marketing expert, all about e-mail marketing. It reminded me that as we approach Christmas, many companies will be looking to promote their products and services. Many will opt for an e-mail campaign, especially in times of recession where cuts…

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