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How To Craft Basket Abandonment Emails That Turn Heads

Lisa Coghlan offers tips and tricks to crafting basket abandonment emails that bring customers back to your site, potentially turning browsers into customers. As an e-commerce retailer, you may have spent months, if not years, working on the functionality of your site, its organic visibility, and your paid search strategy to ensure you’re getting good…

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Mobile Accounts for 22% of Email-Generated Revenue

The mobile revolution is definitely upon us, with mobile clicks now accounting for 45% of all email clicks, benchmark report Yesmail stated earlier this week. According to the Q1 2015 Email Marketing Compass report, mobile devices also account for 22% of all email-generated revenue, with Yesmail predicting that mobile devices could account for up to…

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Clear out your inbox

You may not realise it but safely guarding all your emails that include your passwords is a very bad idea. Imagine that your computer is stolen. The thief accessed your email inbox simply by clicking on Outlook, or going to Gmail, hotmail etc. Because, of course, for easy access and because you don’t think of…

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Phone calls are the next big thing in online marketing

I know you won’t believe me, but it’s true. Recently, we wrote about phone call tracking. The point being that it gives very strong data about conversions from landing pages when the call to action is to ‘p.p.p.p.pick up the phone’. Interestingly, this has now cropped up again as a subject for discussion on SearchEngineLand….

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Facebook changes – again!

More changes to come on Facebook. This time, some actually seem to make sense. However, there is one particular change which seems likely to upset users, advertisers and hence Facebook’s potential revenue. Last week, almost below my radar, a small notification appeared which casually stated, amongst other text, that notifications would be vanishing in the…

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