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SEO News Roundup: Google Bugs, Link Building and Glass 2

Here’s a fresh batch of search engine optimisation news, curated by Tom Williams. In the past week, Google has struggled with bugs and glitches, and given its view on link building in 2015. What’s more, we have DuckDuckGo news and some interesting rumours regarding Google Glass… Google Shows ‘Hacked’ Warning on Non-Hacked Websites Of all…

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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly: How Google Defines Link Schemes

Make sense of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines with our in-depth guide to link schemes. We’ll help you discover which links are worth pursuing, and which could land you with a hefty penalty! Google has many personalities. Depending on who you ask, it’s either a tough lawmaker, a master magician, or just a big company with a…

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Google Clarifies its Assessment of which Links are Valid

It’s well known that Google will penalise sites which seek to gain improved natural listings by buying links. Site owners and SEOs who have followed Google’s Webmaster Tools content guidelines for linking will have known this for many years. The unethical approach of buying links was brought to public prominence by the 2011 New York…

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Google releases new Disavow Links tool

Google has launched its eagerly anticipated Disavow Links tool. Featured in Google Webmaster Tools, it has been aimed at site owners who’ve encountered problems with unnatural links – or linkspam – directing traffic towards their websites. Since unnatural links are one of the things that Google’s algorithms fight to limit the effect of on search […]

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The importance of linking strategies

Developing a link strategy for your website is an important step in the SEO process.  Link popularity is a measure of how many websites pages link to your own web pages. By counting the number of pages that contain a link to your website (also called “inbound links”) allows us to calculate your link popularity. […]

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