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Matt Cutts Explains Google's Definition Of A Paid Link

Matt Cutts has released a video on YouTube explaining in great depth how Google determines what a paid link is. The official definition of a paid link and paid linking is payment made to another website in order to get a link on your own site: From an SEO perspective this is seen as bad […]

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Don’t Stop Me Now! There is a Future in Guest Blogging

Has Matt Cutts put the boot into guest blogging? Dr Dave Chaffey doesn’t think so. It’s still a powerful digital marketing technique, he says – but if you’re churning out low-quality content to irrelevant blogs, it’s time to sharpen up your quality standards. The rising popularity of content marketing received a setback in January with…

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How a spider indexes your site

Matt Cutts recently gave an interview which, for many people in SEO, allows us to get a glimp (ie a partial rather than a full glimpse) inside Google’s mindset. Matt Cutts’ answers have been brilliantly illustrated by randfish on SeoMoz, and whatever level of expertise you possess in SEO and internet marketing, this should be…

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Google announce caffeine launch

Back in August, Google announced an ‘under the hood’ upgrade for the search engine called ‘Caffeine’. Today, Matt Cutts has blogged about the next stage of Caffeine roll-out. Basically, Caffeine will be going live at one data centre only, meaning that engineers etc can continue to gather data and test the technology. This will NOT…

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