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Paypal gets it wrong

It is very difficult for any company to manage its staff, reputation, social media, and so on. However, when you are as large as Paypal, it is extremely important to get it right. Or you risk the wrath of a worldwide community. As has happened in the last 24 hours. Social media can be used…

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What to do when your customers have it in for you

There have been so many tales of businesses getting the social marketing angle wrong – posting poorly thought out updates and tweets, in particular, and it often leaves a rather sour taste in the mouth for customers and can damage a company’s online reputation. But what do you do when your customers band together to…

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The Inevitable Bing Backlash

The horrendous events in Japan have created an unexpected problem for Microsoft and their search engine, Bing. Whilst trying to be generous and offering financial aid to Japan, someone in the marketing department thought it would be an idea to publicise the donation on Twitter, with a promise of a $1 donation per Retweet of…

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SEO & Reputation Management

Many of us have experienced the results first hand of a website showing above ours in the search engine results that is less than complimentary about our business, products, employees, customer service and so on. This obviously can cause havoc with potential and existing customers, brand reputation, enquiries and sales figures, etc. Generally what happens…

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Reputation Management in 2009

Well, Google SearchWiki is still causing storms in the IM world about what it may or may not mean, or be intended to do. WebPRo News have a lengthy article on reputation management which goes into some of the issues being raised. The comments make interesting reading to see the differing views of SEO people,…

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