Yahoo!’s Site Explorer tool allows marketers to view the links that the search engine sees as pointing to their website.

Laura Lippay wrote on the Yahoo! Search Marketing Blog that natural linking is an important element of search engine optimisation, as it can boost the profile of a site by demonstrating that visitors value its content.

Users of Site Explorer can access a drop-down menu showing the inlinks from all pages to an exact URL of their choosing, along with the links to the URL listed below it.

They can filter results to a specific address or view links to an entire site.

Other features provide more detail on a URL, like page titles, key terms and Delicious bookmarks and tags.

While Site Explorer users can only see the detail crawled data for sites they own, they can nevertheless view backlink figures for any sites in Yahoo!’s index.

This allows them to view the number of pages indexed by competitors and their inlinks, as well as giving them insights into the type of content on offer.

According to comScore, Yahoo! accounted for 16.9 per cent of the US search market in March, handling 2.6 billion queries.

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