Paid Search Manager, Adrian Epstein, explains why Yahoo! has released its own search data mining tool, Yahoo! Clues.


Yahoo have introduced a Google Insights interface equivalent called Yahoo Clues. It is currently in Beta but as you will see, it provides some good insight from Yahoo about search volume for phrases, as well as demographic information on people who search on terms, including age, gender and income.

What is interesting is that it opens up the possibility of comparing how audiences differ (sometimes vastly) between Google and Yahoo. As the Yahoo!/Microsoft alliance progresses it will be interesting to see how Yahoo! will continue to develop and enhance Yahoo! Clues and other tools, such as their Site Explorer, hints on which you can see in this tantalasing blog post from Yahoo! – “We are planning features that provide richer analysis of the organic search traffic that you get from the Yahoo! network and our partner sites“.

As an example, take a look at this comparison of the top two movies in the US at the moment – Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and Tangled. As the results will change with time I’ve screen grabbed this below as of today. The spikes correspond to the Premiere and Opening Weekend, and show that Harry Potter has more broad appeal across the different age groups than Tangled – no surprise  given the mass appeal of the books, and hence the reason why Adult book covers were introduced by Bloomsbury, the publisher of the Harry Potter books.

An Example of Yahoo! Clues comparing the Top 2 US Box Office Hits at the Time of Writing
An Example of Yahoo! Clues comparing the Top 2 US Box Office Hits at the Time of Writing

As a search marketing agency we will be looking into how we can apply the insights from Yahoo! Clues to our international accounts, and I encourage you to have a play!

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